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Lydia Erickson

Lydia Erickson Fine Art

Brookline, MA


I've always loved drawing, painting, sculpting and, well... creating in almost any possible way as long as I was able to create. If you had asked me as a little girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always "an artist." Well, what you love and focus on usually comes true! These days I do most of my creating at night, and I love that feeling of endless possibilities that opens up when the world is still and quiet, and the inner landscape comes out onto the canvas (or paper, or the curving lines of clay sculpture...)

I draw my inspiration from everything, but most especially from the natural world, and from the inner world, or dreamworld. I have always been interested in myth and fantasy, believing that our dreams and the archetypes that arise are as much a reality as "waking life." My love of reading drew me to fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction, and the vivid dreams inspired by these often give me the images for my artwork. I'm also inspired by connecting with the Divine within myself and all things... I love the experience of being surprised by what appears on the page when I start to draw!

Thank you for visiting my page, and may you have a day full of beauty and inspiration!!!



Green Woman by Lydia Erickson


Sacred Heart Center by Lydia Erickson


Antaryamin oneness art by Lydia Erickson


True Nature oneness art by Lydia Erickson


Flowering of the Heart oneness art by Lydia Erickson


Receiving Grace from the Divine oneness art by Lydia Erickson


Freedom oneness art by Lydia Erickson


Goddess in the Window to the Sky by Lydia Erickson


Flames by Lydia Erickson


Inspiration by Lydia Erickson


The Heart of an Animal by Lydia Erickson


Rose of Grace and Kindness by Lydia Erickson


Opening and Blossoming Dreaming the World into Being As She Dances In the Stars by Lydia Erickson


Tossing the Sun by Lydia Erickson


Inner Voice by Lydia Erickson


Thank you with JOY swirlies by Lydia Erickson